Stress management, a tanka

Acknowledging stress

As an unwanted burden

Pushed onto people

Through bad planning by others

Helps free the mind and spirit

By Roberta Eaton Cheadle

66 thoughts on “Stress management, a tanka

    1. My working life is a disaster, Mae. There are just no skilled people to be employed and the quality of work seniors get is shocking, not to mention late. I’ve just decided that I can’t meet unreasonable deadlines when the deliverables to me are late. I hope your work day is better today, Mae.

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      1. So sorry to hear that, Robbie. I know you have a stressful job to begin with. You don’t need complications compounding that. I hope things get better for you. Sending a virtual hug your way 🙂

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  1. Great poem. I feel your pain. Hugs Robbie. It is always the most annoying when someone else creates pressure when it could be avoided. The way I used deal with it, so that I would not lose myself in being annoyed, was work calmly and pat myself on the back for achieve it. Meditate and let God take the pressure off. And when I was mad real mad I would take a piece of paper and write ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh until I started to laugh at myself. These all worked for me.

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      1. I used to do another thing which was a bit naughty. I worked with international teams as well as local teams. If I knew I had a notorious person, they would get a deadline that would always ensure I have adequate time.. also I had regular meetings to ensure things ran smoothly. But that is a lot of energy and it can’t always be done. But it works well when I could do it.

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        1. I just find that I seem to have to fix up so much of the documentation I get. I find it very frustrating as I feel like I’m having to do everyone else’s job and I’m not given any extra time to do it in. Anyhow, life goes on and the weekend draws ever closer.

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      1. I was just reading this morning about the heightened stress that has come during this time of what I call “Covid19 Solitude.” Thank you for your commitment to building compassionate communities. Sending hugs!

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        1. I have noticed, Rebecca, with great sadness, that there has been an upswing in deaths from heart attacks, brain embolisms and strokes within my greater community over the past three months. I believe this is a result of all the stress caused by covid. People’s businesses are failing and those who are working are doing so under very stressful and unhealthy conditions. It feels like a war.

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          1. These are indeed complex, difficult and sad times. I believe that our efforts to create a virtual, vibrant, community is essential for keeping focused on creative endeavours. Your commitment to sharing positive, life-affirming and joyous messages is the best offense against despair. Thank you for continuing to shine light into dark places. Sending many hugs!

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  2. Wise words Robbie. My older daughter is experiencing the same thing–the people her firm has hired can’t even seem to follow simple directions, and she is forced to redo the work herself. Are there really so few competent people available to work? It speaks badly of our educational system. (K)

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  3. It is difficult to set boundaries when people choose to ignore them Robbie. You have such a full schedule and you are human.. Time for a little R&R away from online at least for a few days so that you don’t feel beset on all fronts. I know you love that side of your activities but it is the one that you can manage the most. I hope things get easier soon…hugsx

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  4. Just a tad hard to deal with stress when there is so much unknown.
    Some folks especially elders can’t cope with change well.
    While our elder neighbor now has some professional care… it is undue stress on us when those folks call us because he called them, wondering why they aren’t there at a time they shouldn’t be.

    I’m not one to tell them how to do their job… but they should have been able to talk him through that difficult time without involving anyone else.

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