Another bird tale – can you believe it!

After last week’s bird adventure I wasn’t expecting to have anything more to do with the birds for a while. The loeries have taken fright and not returned to my garden.

We have been experiencing heavy rain and it rained all night on Friday and most of yesterday, last night and this morning. This afternoon, the sun came out and the garden was bathed in bright sunshine. I decided to go for my daily five laps around the garden [5 000 steps] and see what changes the lovely rain had brought.

As I walked past our scruffy little retaining wall near the garage, I caught sight of a tiny bird out of the corner of my eye. It was completely still with only its bright little eyes moving. I moved a bit closer for a better look and the parent birds went crazy in the tree above, telling me sternly to stay away from their baby.

Of course, I was worried. Could the baby fly? Where was my cat? Push-Push is a lovely cat but she is fond of a bit of bird for her supper. I left Terence around the corner keeping an eye on the baby, and went in search of my little tiger. Fortunately, she was taking a cat bath in the rotting peaches under the tree – yippee! She’s now lovely and stinky of spoiled fruit.

Leaving her to enjoy her rolling, I went back to the driveway and saw the mother standing on the tap and encouraging the baby to fly. The little thing was flapping around furiously and making short flights.

After a lengthily period of trying, the baby managed to get back into the tree and the mother was much happier. Meanwhile, daddy bird had sat in the tree watching.

I was relieved it worked out and the baby got back into the tree. Baby birds are a lot of work to raise and there was the risk of it ending up in Pushy’s tummy if I undertook the task.

My garden is looking rather amazing. Here are a few new flower pictures:

I love my day lilies. You can see the raindrops sparkling on the bottom petal.

The first magnolia of the season.

Take care, friends, and have a lovely new week.


55 thoughts on “Another bird tale – can you believe it!

  1. With birds being messengers, I’d say they are bringing you some sort of message, Robbie. The symbolism of birds is usually positive and filled to the brim with prosperous messages. So, we’ll take that!! Thanks for sharing and the photos are gorgeous!

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  2. I so loved this post! I love watching the birds come to our birdfeeders, and when the feeders are empty, the blue jays and nuthatches yell at me when I step outside:) Glad your baby bird survived his fall.

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  3. Phew! I was getting worried about that baby. Pet cats eat more than 7 million birds a year and that’s just in the U.S. It’s hard to keep a bell on them. If they want it off, they will push it off. I eventually started to keep my cats inside. Some of the Siamese used to bring LIVE birds into the house. Then they’d fly around with everyone — cats, dogs, and people — in wild pursuit to try and get them outdoors before one of the munchy pets did them in.

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    1. Pushy does kill birds, Marilyn, and she brings them to me as presents. I really didn’t want to wake up to a headless baby bird gift today. Fortunately, it seem to have worked out. I checked this morning and all is quite on the bird front and not a body in sight, thank goodness.


  4. Watching nature is just fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading your story of the baby bird and so glad it was able to get back up in the trees.

    This reminded me of my experience watching a Blue Jay frantically flying around its nest and striking a squirrel who was hell bent on getting to the eggs. The Blue Jay kept pecking and flitting around the squirrel until it finally gave up and went away. I was in awe of the whole scene. I just love animal stories.

    Thank you Robbie for sharing your story.

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  5. So happy that everything worked out for this baby bird. I always worry when I see babies sitting in the yard with all the cats around her. Lovely shot of your daylily, it is gorgeous. Enjoy your upcoming week.

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