#Thursdaydoors – In and around Paddington Station, UK

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In September 2018, Terence went to Finland and Birmingham for work. I decided to tag along as I hadn’t been to either place and we decided to spend a few days in London before travelling to Finland.

We chose a hotel close to Paddington Station so that we could get around easily. I love UK trains, they are so orderly and nearly always on time. I took some pictures in the station and in a small park a few blocks form the station, across the road from our hotel.

In the park near Paddington Station
Pictures of the doors to a hotel across the road from the park. This is not where we stayed.
Entrance to Paddington Station
Donut store in Paddington Station with sliding glass doors.

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37 thoughts on “#Thursdaydoors – In and around Paddington Station, UK

      1. You didn’t have to go far from the station to find places like those you featured. I think a lot of people passed through the area without seeing them, which is a shame.

        Working in London had its advantages, but I think I’ve had more fun there since I retired than I did while working! Evening concerts after work were good, though 😊

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        1. I love London, Clive, and I have been to the UK during winter and experienced the cold weather and the joys of standing on a train platform waiting for a delayed train. Every building has some interesting feature and your gardens, trees and countryside are just wonderful. We spend most holidays in the UK and I hope to move permanently in 2022. The boys are I are all British citizens and all our family is in the UK.

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          1. I’m glad you like it so much and I hope that move goes ahead. That wait for a train is something I think we’ve all done at some point – in my case, more often than I’d care to remember!

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  1. The street, et al in that first shot is so beautiful and so quintessentially English. 🙂 Holy cow!! I just looked more closely at the photo of the doughnut shop and there are boxes that say Krispy Kreme! Their doughnuts are just amazing, especially the glazed ones when they’re just baked.


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  2. I wish I had more time when I went to Scotland and Ireland. I would have liked to get to England, especially London. It is still on my bucket list, so someday. Great pics of the area Robbie.

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      1. The UK summer is a lot like the San Francisco summer. A fella from the south once said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” I wore a heavier jacket in Oxford, in July, than I wear here in January! Eek! I love all the Brit shows they shoot in Oxfordshire, the sun is out, actors in shirt sleeves and you can see their breath!

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  3. When the Professor was invited to Oxford to present part of her Thesis for the William Morris Centennial we stayed right around the corner from Paddington for a few days. Some day the Brits will get the convenience store thing down so you don’t have to go to a news agent’s for a candy bar and down the street for a fizzy and across the street for fish and chips and apub/off license for a beer. In Dallas you can get all that, a pizza, a birthday cake, linoleum cheese nachos, a lottery ticket, motor oil, diapers, Taquitos and several kinds of tobacco products. One door. Not than anyone would need all of that at once, but… Did you see the bear? That’s one thing we don’t have, and the thing I think I liked best about Paddington.

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    1. I am a huge Paddington bear fan, Phil. I also like Rupert Bear and Winnie the Pooh. I have only ever been to one shopping mall in the UK, most of the shops are small and only sell one type of product. I am sure its been like that for years and years.

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      1. Centuries on that solo shops thing, I think. I’m a big WTP fan. I even have a book my mother bought years ago “The Tao of Pooh.” Oh… bother. But still. Forget a mall. I was talking about a gas station/convenience store/deli. On the corner.

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