My garden

Our weather has gone from cool temperatures with heavy rain last week to high temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius this week. The welcome rain combined with this week’s heat, has resulted in our garden literally bursting into bloom.

86 thoughts on “My garden

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I still have some colour in the garden, but nothing as full of life as yours. Today was slightly windy with a very pleasant temperature enough to entice me to layout there with the dog for a little while.

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      1. We are always on opposite ends 🙂 We are expecting a drier than usual winter though. We’ve been suffering from drought and the wildfires are still blazing. I’m hoping the snow may help things out a little.

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      1. No, w definitely ave wet weather. Te only time we get really dry (when the grass starts to brown) is in the summer for one or two months. Otherwise we can have rain anytime throughout the year. And our winters can be snowy. It’s just once the leaves fall and the flowers are gone, things start to look stark and bleak. It’s hard for me to imagine a dry, dusty winter!

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