Thursday Doors – Standard Quay in Faversham

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My aunt and cousin both lived in Faversham in Kent, UK, until about two years ago. Whenever we went to the UK, we based ourselves in Faversham so we got to know this quaint English town quite well. These are pictures from April 2016 taken at Standard Quay.

PS I know its Friday and not Thursday but I ran out of time to post yesterday.

Entrance to the pub where we had cider
Entrance to a shop on the Quay
Door to one of the house boats
My mother, the boys and Terence in front of a house boat

41 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Standard Quay in Faversham

  1. Great photos, Robbie and here’s a first – I’ve been in that pub! We went there many years ago when my now ex-wife and I were staying with my Dad and Stepmum and went out for a drive. You really should have had a pint of Bishops Finger rather than the cider, though – traditional ale from my home county’s brewer!

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  2. Oh WOW! Brings back such memories of Faversham! I had a 32’ motor sailor (A converted Admiralty cutter) Moored at the quay in 1975. I spent many weeks fixing it up including the old Thornycroft RTR 6 cylinder marine Diesel engine. The craft carried the name “Freedom”. I lived in Ashford, not too far away at the time. The hit record of the day was Rod Stewart’s “Sailing”. Happy days!


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