#Bookreview – REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Quotes & Interpretations by John Fioravanti

What Amazon says

What do YOU think?

Does this question engage you or take you out of your comfort zone? Does it put you on the spot? REFLECTIONS is award-winning author and former educator John Fioravanti’s answer.

Offering his interpretations of fifty quotes by contemporary and ancient thinkers alike, John dives deep below the surface of words and explores the deeper meanings that shape his view of the world.

Deeply personal and presented in a self-effacing manner, these self-aware reflections will encourage you to dig deep within yourself and to discover more about the underlying truths that guide you.

Without trumpets or fanfare of any kind, John Fioravanti aspires to inspire you!

My review

This book is a wonderful collection of quotes from a spectrum of people who have all achieved great success. The manner in which each individual has aspired to his/her goals or greatness is reflected in most of the quotes and the author provides an interesting interpretation of what each quote means, for everyone, but also in terms of his own life, aspirations and achievements.

I related strongly to many of these quotes and enjoyed the variety of thoughts shared in this book. The quotes are attributable to people from all walks of life and from a number of different eras throughout history. It was fascinating to see how many characteristics and driving forces within highly successful people in life are still relevant today. Some of the historical figures whose quotes are included in this book are Florence Nightingale, Aristotle and Anne Frank.

There are also a number of quotes by motivational speakers, writers, poets and political activists all of whom share the common goal of striving towards a better world for all people. I did not know all of the people quoted, as many of them are American, but the author has included a mini autobiography at the beginning of each analysis so I was able to appreciate each persons contribution to society and mankind even if I had not previously heard of them.

A great read and one I highly recommend.

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25 thoughts on “#Bookreview – REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Quotes & Interpretations by John Fioravanti

  1. What a great review of this fantastic book. It’s the kind of book that you don’t just read once and be done. I find myself going back now and then for another bit of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Robbie!

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  2. You know, we had a case of nepotism at a company I worked for. The inexperienced son of somebody important stood up in a room full of professionals and proceeded to read from a coffee table book of quotes from a popular and successful football coach. I have the Oxford book of quotations. It’s interesting to read, or see, the wide range of people’s takeaways from the same string of words. Something lector’s in the Catholic Church learn. Regardless of style or quality of delivery magic happens between the ambo and the parish ears, so that what each needs to hear is heard. That carries over to the old saying about open a book, any book, and what you most need to read will be on the page you opened to. A book full of inspirational quotes might make that a heavy experience!

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  3. Great quotes are timeless, I suppose, because they speak to human nature. Who we are a species rarely change so the wisdom is useful for any generation. I like reading quotes, too. I am curious which one particularly resonated with you from this book.

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