God’s window, Mpumalanga South Africa

God’s Window is situated on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Gods Window provides a most incredible view of the Lowveld, more than 900 metres down, into a beautiful and green ravine. God’s Window is within the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve and you can go for wonderful walks and gaze over the panoramic view from the various well placed look out points.

We visited this famous spot a few years ago. The day of our first visit was cloudy so we didn’t get a very good view. The cloud cover did make for a very mysterious and creepy photograph though.


We went back on a sunny and clear day and took some better photographs (although less creepy and fun). We also went on a short walk.



The view of the canyon.



An interesting tree we saw during our walk. I love trees.


A fairy hideyhole.


68 thoughts on “God’s window, Mpumalanga South Africa

      1. Yes I know Africa is troubled and poor. It is quite a duality. I was born in kenya but lived uk my whole life. We have family in kenya and the contrast of rich and poor is stark. And the lifestyles so different.

        But Africa is beautiful naturally


  1. Beautiful view and photographs, Robbie. I have travelled through those mountains a few times and Africa nestles in the heart. I have been talking to a friend I used to work with and the lockdown measures you are all dealing with are so harsh. Sending much ❤ to you all. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Jane. We expect to have to immigrate by the end of this year due to the current economic collapse that is happening. I think people are going to be shocked when we come out of this lock-down to see how many businesses will have failed and be gone. We are expecting massive social unrest and crime and are preparing to leave as soon as the borders open. I am quite fearful.

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      1. Oh Robbie, that’s what I felt and understood from my friend’s message yesterday. Wrapping you all in much love and protection. ❤ x

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  2. Great shots Robbie, I’ve always imagined your country to have majestic amazing scenery!

    Like the shot of you and the boys, the eerie one, the tree and the fairy hideout 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I remember our visit to God’s Window and the Clyde River canyon back in 1974 when I was in South Africa. We were based near Durban but took a two week holiday in the Eastern Transvaal (Sabie). It was July, so winter, and hardly any cloud cover. Frost some nights in Sabie – we drove down to Kruger park one day and the temperature change was dramatic!

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  4. We’ve a place about an hour away called Hawk Mountain – the views look similar 😉
    Lush and green and lovely wood trails. And some very good spots to settle and bird watch.

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  5. Gasp! God’s Window, indeed. What a breathtaking place, Robbie. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love the sound of the name Mpumalanga. I agree about the wonderful old tree. Thanks for this amazing adventure. Hugs on the wing!

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