Two poems and two pictures

I follow photographer, Wayne of Tofino Photography, and view and comment on his amazing wildlife photographs as often as I can. I usually do that form my Robbie’s Inspiration blog but today, I thought I would share some of his beautiful work here. I have matched two of his photographs with tanka poems. You can find Wayne’s site here:



Only those who can

evolve quickly in the now

Will escape unscathed

Focus is necessary

To determine what matters

Irreversible change (002)

Irreversible change

Life’s background has changed

It will never revert back

I must adapt to

the different colour of dawn

Cut loose and embrace the now

These poems reflect some of my thinking about Coronavirus and its implications for my life.

Happy Easter.

33 thoughts on “Two poems and two pictures

  1. Fabulous photos, Robbie, and the poems are a perfect reflection on the challenges we face moving forward with this virus present in our lives for years to come. Hope you’re well and staying safe and healthy. Have a peaceful week filled with moments of joy. 🙂

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