#Writephoto – Torrent

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week fit perfectly with one of my poems from the poetry collection I contributed to, along with South African poet, Kim Blades. You can find Kim here: https://kimbladeswritingblog.wordpress.com

The thunderstorm

by Robbie Cheadle

A deluge of rain tumbles from the sky

like a bucket turned upside down

the beggars impervious to its ferocity

faces impassive, no fear or frown.


Young boys stand on the roadside

eyes smouldering with hunger’s pain

need forcing them to continue standing

despite the lightning and drenching rain.


One holds a bedraggled cardboard sign

the other a tattered polystyrene cup

each hoping a passerby will pause

and give something to eat or sup.


A young mother stands shivering

an old umbrella sheltering her child

his eyes huge and frightened

he’s never laughed or even smiled.


In the middle of an intersection

an old man stands bent and alone

his head bowed in supplication to the torrent

he doesn’t complain, sigh or moan.


It’s rare to see the elderly on the street

poverty means many don’t live that long

my heart fills with a wrenching pain

for this anguished society to which I belong.


You can join in Sue’s challenge here: https://scvincent.com/2020/03/05/thursday-photo-prompt-torrent-writephoto/

OAND 8-12

You can purchase Open a new door here: https://www.amazon.com/Open-new-door-collection-poems-ebook/dp/B07K4RRC4W

55 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Torrent

  1. There are places here where folks can go… to get out of the rain. Though not all take advantage as some require acceptance of religious doctrine. Our society has much to be held accountable for… And yet there are many who volunteer to help those in need as well.

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    1. In South AFrica, not so much, Jules. There is very little help for homeless people here and there is often not shelter from them. There are a lot of teenage beggar boys who live under bridges. There was an elderly homeless man who lived in a concrete pipe in the park. The Churches are packed to the gills and there is no more space. The overflow lie on the street on flattened cardboard boxes. People live on the sidewalks inside self built shelters made of plastic. Thousands of people live in shanty towns in shacks built of corrugated iron with large stones to hold the roofs down when there are storms. There are few facilities and there are still long drop toilets in many rural schools. Children sometimes fall down these and die. You can’t imagine the poverty of Africa unless you have seen it.

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      1. There are many places in the states I think where poverty is uncounted because of the choice by mostly politicians not to see.

        While I did not see the movie ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ about India’s poor – I am sure that there are similarities to what you have spoken about in your area around the world. A failure of human kind that such an existance can be lived.

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