SoCS – Animal Sounds

Linda G Hill’s prompt is as follows: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “animal sounds.” Write about the sounds animals make and how you experience them. Have fun!

I have, of course, fitted it in with my latest WIP:

“They all watch silently as the soldiers systematically set about their destruction of their lives. The farmhouse, barns and kraal burn to the ground. The crops are burned and trampled by the soldiers’ horses, and the cattle, including those belonging to the African farm workers, are shot dead where they stand in the veld. Even Ansi, the gentle milk cow is ruthlessly killed by the soldiers. Not all the Khakis are good marksmen and Estelle’s gorge rises at the screams of pain from badly placed bullets. I didn’t know injured animals scream like human babies. Papa has never missed.

The metallic stench of blood mixes with the oily scent of induced burning, as the thick black smoke blots out the sky and everything succumbs to the flames. The watchers cough and splutter, as the smoke and ash blow in their direction, and the roar of the flames fills the hot air.

Their eyes smart and run with tears from a mixture of emotion and smoke. Suné, who had been standing quietly, eyes wide and tear filled, suddenly opens her mouth and vomits. Marta turns angry and astonished eyes on her youngest daughter but makes no move to assist her. Estelle pulls her handkerchief from her skirt pocket and helps her wipe her mouth.

The guns crash repeatedly and eventually the screams and bellows of the injured cattle stops. The vultures had started to gather, circling and making raspy drawn-out hissing sounds as they prepared to fight over the carcasses. The winners would gorge themselves, making disgusting grunting noises reminiscent of hungry pigs or barking dogs.

A short while later a wagon arrives to transport them.”

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33 thoughts on “SoCS – Animal Sounds

  1. When I watch footage of such scenes… historical footage – it can be from anywhere – I can only be appalled that people chose to destroy rather than find peaceful ways to live together.

    Thanks for highlighting the words – I looked them up. I’m guessing that Khakis were the soldiers. All I came up with when I looked up that word was the clothing that word has come to represent.

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