#Writephoto – Storm

Once again, Sue’s weekly prompt has been conducive for a short share from my WIP, A ghost and his gold:

“At 3p.m. a thunderstorm blew up and the rain simply fell down in a torrential deluge. Brilliant streaks of lightening tore apart the skies that were almost as dark as night, accompanied by ferocious peals of thunder. The Molopo River developed into a raging flood within minutes and all impediments to its flow, including wooden bridges, earthworks and ammunition, were washed away. A seven-pounder gun was saved from the flood with seconds to spare.

Some of Robert’s colleagues, who were manning the defence of the river bed, were forced to evacuate, water streaming from their hair and clothes as they dashed for shelter, running through rain, so heavy, it was like a waterfall. Captain Fitzclarence, among the last to cross the now boiling river waters, nearly drowned when he slipped and fell, and had to be hauled out by a few of his brave men.

The market square turned into a lake, the streets became rivers and the bomb shelters and trenches filled to the brim with water. There was no risk of the Boers taking advantage of the chaos as their situation was even worse, having no place to shelter from the cloudburst.

Richard informed Robert that this sort of weather was not unusual in this part of the world and the storms usually passed within a couple of hours. His prediction proved to be correct and by 5p.m. the rain had petered out.

B.P.’s staff at headquarters quickly rose to this new challenge, and by 7p.m. dry clothing had been handed out to those people who had no changes and brandy and quinine served to the men defending the trenches. The women and children were fetched by wagon from the laager and provided with blankets as needed.”

You can join in Sue’s prompt here: https://scvincent.com/2020/02/13/thursday-photo-prompt-storm-writephoto/

38 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Storm

  1. I’m glad you italicized Laager – I would have looked it up anyway. laager. 1 South Africa : camp especially : an encampment protected by a circle of wagons or armored vehicles. 2 : a defensive position, policy, or attitude.

    Weather can be a trial for anyone, but I think more so for soldiers in the field in unknown territories.

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