#Bookreview – Evil under the sun by Agatha Christie

I have signed up for the Back to the Classics Challenge 2020, hosted by Karen from Books and Chocolate blog.

If you are interested in reading classics, you can join in this challenge here:


Evil under the sun by Agatha Christie is my first read for this challenge in the category of genre classic.


What Amazon says

Set at the Jolly Roger, a posh vacation resort for the rich and famous on the southern coast of England, Evil Under the Sun is one of Agatha Christie’s most intriguing mysteries. When a gorgeous young bride is brutally strangled to death on the beach, only Hercule Poirot can sift through the secrets that shroud each of the guests and unravel the macabre mystery at this playground by the sea.

My review

I am a big Agatha Christie fan and this book was very entertaining. A quick and fast paced read, in this particular murder mystery, we are introduced to the victim in advance of the murder taking place. The victim is a guest at an exclusive hotel in an island just off the English coast which is cut-off from the mainland during high tide. She is holidaying with her husband and step-daughter and having an obvious affair with one of the other guests, Patrick Redfern, who is also holidaying with his quiet and unassuming wife, Christine. Other guests include Hercule Poirot, a minister with a past, an elderly ex-military man, an elderly spinster, called Emily Brewster, and an elderly American couple, Mr and Mrs Gardener. An attractive old friend of the victim’s husband is also resident at the hotel.

The reader gets peeps into each guests activities and thoughts before the murder takes place and this sets the stage for our intuition that a murder is going to occur and suspicions about certain of the guests. A number of the guests appear to have water-tight alibis which Hercule Poirot needs to disprove or prove in order to discover what really happened at the time of the murder.

Of course, in Ms Christie’s usual brilliant way, she has laid lots of red herrings that lead the reader off on an entirely incorrect path about the identity of the killer. I had some suspicions about how the murder transpired and by whom, and the whole case was satisfactorily and neatly wound up for me by the end of the story.

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43 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Evil under the sun by Agatha Christie

  1. I’ve read quite a few of Agatha Christie’s books, and the various (and excellent) tv adaptations of Poirot and Miss Marple are available on almost a daily basis here. She truly was a great exponent of her craft.

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      1. I haven’t read all of hers yet: a goal to set myself! I saw The Mousetrap on a school trip to London, around 1968ish. I won’t tell you whodunnit 😉


  2. I didn’t expect to see Dame Agatha’s work featured! She’s been a big favorite of mine from way back. Evil Under the Sun is definitely a standout. And of course “the little grey cells” of Hercule Poirot.

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  3. I think I have this one on my shelf. Perhaps it’s time to read it again. Interestingly, none of Christie’s works are on the scratch off poster I got for Christmas of 100 Essential novels. 😦

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  4. What fun, we have visited Agatha Christie’s home Greenways and it is the most perfect place to write and live. We just went to see The Mousetrap at our local theatre. The longest running play ever. I saw it in the seventies and recalled whodunnit, but didn’t remember the plot so it was just as good. In that story everyone is stuck ina snowbound guest house.

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      1. Check how you want to visit if you go to Greenways, we were staying in Tourquay, Devon and went by steam train, then walked though the woods. There is very little car parking, I think you have to book in advance. Another way to get there is by ferry which must be lovely.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this, Robbie. My mystery book club at the library where I work has not read this – I think I will recommend it when we pick our next round of books. Hope you’re enjoying your classics challenge.

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      1. Oh that’s great, Robbie. I remember reading The Red Badge of Courage in high school. I did a huge paper on Thomas Hardy in college, so I read many of his books, including Far from the Madding Crowd. I see now that it’s also a movie. If I had more time to go back to books I’ve already read, I would definitely read that again. 🙂


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