#Flashfictionchallenge – Hutch

When Mosiko arrives for work shortly, she will ask him to help her carry the cages from the barn, and assist her in setting them up, one at a time, in front of the chicken coop door. A bit of food sprinkled on the ground would be enough to attract the stupid birds out of their chicken coop and into the cage when she released them from captivity by opening the door. Once safely inside, Mosiko would then help her carry the occupied cages back to the barn, ready to be hung under the wagon before the family trekked.

This piece of 99-word flash fiction was written for Charli Mills’ Flash Fiction Challenge. You can join in here: https://carrotranch.com/2020/01/03/january-2-flash-fiction-challenge/

In South Africa, we refer to a chicken run and a chicken coop rather than a chicken hutch.


31 thoughts on “#Flashfictionchallenge – Hutch

  1. This reminds me of pioneer America… but it is quite true that pioneers existed everywhere!
    It is the trekking that families had to do in order to seek better lives, that has gotten us where ‘we’ are today –
    no matter what country of origin we think we have come from, we most likely came from somewhere else.

    Just in my married life I have move four times. Hard to believe I’ve settled her for three decades. As still because we weren’t from here we are often considered ‘outsiders’.

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    1. Yes, the world is quite a hodge podge with regards to people. Very few South Africans original from here as the African peoples largely moved south from the Northern countries. The only original inhabitants are the Khoi and the Khoi san and their populations are quite small.

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  2. We had chickens when I was a kid. My mom still has some. I remember they used to get out sometimes. We called it a “Chicken Alert!” We had to chase them around the garden and catch them before they did too much damage. We always called it a coop, too. My friend bred rabbits, and she had a rabbit hutch.

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  3. I’ve never had chickens myself, but the ones I’ve met embody the spirit of “insipid creature that would die if I didn’t force it to live” which you showed so well here. I enjoyed this!


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