#Writephoto – Shimmer

From a distance the numerous lights on the tree blend together, creating an interconnected and continuous display of light that shimmers in the darkness of the dim room. A series of interesting kaboom sounds simultaneously fills the room.

Janet smiles as her twin sons, Shane and Ryan, gasp with delight when the lights flare up even brighter than before. In the large tank next to the Christmas tree, the electric eel is feeding. He chases through the dark water emitting high voltage shocks as he tries to stun the pieces of food before consuming them.

“How does it work?” Shane asks the man in attendance, his voice shrill with excitement.

“Whenever the eel discharges electricity, sensors in the water deliver the charge to a set of speakers”, the man says. “The speakers convert the charge into the sounds you can hear and the flashing Christmas lights. The sounds are loudest and the lights brightest when he is eating or excited.”

“Wow, Mom, this has got to be the bet Christmas tree ever,” says Shane.

“Yes,” says Ryan, “the next step is to harness the charges from all the eels in the aquarium to power the lights and the other fish tanks. It’ll be the most innovative and environmentally friendly system in the world.”

This post was written for Sue Vincent’s weekly write photo challenge. You can join in here:  https://scvincent.com/2019/12/05/thursday-photo-prompt-shimmer-writephoto/

54 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Shimmer

  1. Very interesting… I knew that eels produced electricity but to harness it… I suppose as long as they (the eels) are being fed sustainable fish…then we aren’t taking advantage of them…
    I can’t imagine electric eel power for a home though.

    Kudos for your son for pointing out the article! 🙂

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