#Flashfiction – Winners

Charli Mills has given us the word winners this week for the 99-word flash fiction challenge. Here is my piece:

“He shuddered at the sight that beheld his desolate eyes. Stiff bodies ending in bloody stumps where their heads had been blown to pieces. Others, in which the pulse of life still beat, despite their shattered limbs lying in parts all over the field, spurted blood in bright sprays. There was also the noise; the screams and shrieks of pain from those who could muster the energy to expel such sounds from their desperate throats. These combined with the underlying low pitched moans and relentless whining of the dying, to form a symphony of despair. War had no winners.”

You can join in Charli’s challenge here: https://carrotranch.com/2019/11/28/november-28-flash-fiction-challenge/

36 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Winners

  1. It is very true that war has no winners. I remember clearly my FIL who fought in WWII – never spoke of the horrors of the war. And it wasn’t until after he passed that my MIL let us open his ‘war trunk of memories’. One relative wanted to sell some of the ‘pieces’ – instead of that happening, my hubby and I became the caretakers of it.

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  2. A symphony of dispair, indeed. The butchery of war contains no winning fields. Yet, I think of those who serve, not because they believe in winning, but because they uphold certain values. War is moral injury against those slain on the field, both sides. A brave story, Robbie.

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