#SoCS – Alcohol

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! The terrible loud explosions shatter the quiet as the bottles of alcohol on the folding table, and cans of beer in the cooler box beneath it, burst apart in an eruption of glass shards, twisted metal and liquid. Water boils out of the open cooler box as the plastic soda and water bottles rupture and twist into lumpy shapes. Simultaneously, the candles flicker and blow out in the wake of a sudden, icy breeze that whips through the room, leaving the group in darkness. There is a heavy thud and then silence.

A shriek rents the quiet and Michelle, who is closest to the door, heaves back her chair, which falls to the floor with a thump, and moves towards the doorway. Groping, she finds the light switch on the wall and flicks it on, illuminating the scene of destruction.

Sue, who is standing, and Tom, who is sitting at the head of the table, received the brunt of the unexpected shower of booze and water, which drips from their hair and clothes. Tiny splinters of glass have speared their exposed faces and arms, causing lacerations which ooze beads of blood.

The explosion knocked over the folding table, shielding them from the spray of mental and plastic fragments emanating from the cooler box.

“Sue,” Michelle shouts, “are you okay? Tom?”

Tom nods his head; he is okay. Sue croaks “Okay,” and then bursts into braying sobs which seem to wrench themselves out of her throat like vomit.

Michelle rushes away to get some towels, while Carl tries to placate his distraught wife. “Wh..wh…what happened, Carl? How could the bottles explode like that? she whispers, eyes bulging from her sockets in a most unflattering way.

Carl looks at Tom. He is at a loss for words. “Maybe the heat?” Tom ventures. “I’ve never heard of bottles exploding like this.”

This extract from my now nameless WIP (it was A Ghost and his Gold but it may change now) was written for Linda G. Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturday. You can join in here: https://lindaghill.com/2019/10/18/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-oct-19-19/

26 thoughts on “#SoCS – Alcohol

      1. The Ouija board does seem to bring out the worst in spirits. Of course, if what one told me when I was 5 is true, I am going to be the first man on Mars. Of course that means a woman might beat me, the Ouija didn’t say. And I guess it is still possible that I will be. Possible but very, very , very highly improbable 😉

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          1. I might need to. Unfortunately there are so many good Mars books that go into so much technical detail that I’d have to study as much to go there via writing as via a rocket 😉

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  1. This reminds me of spontaneous combustion where some people just flame up – and we aren’t taking the comic hero that burst into flame. Ghost have been blamed for many a natural weird thing. I think science is stumped here!
    Yep I agree with memadtwo… about brewing… 😉

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