Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – The Roman Bath, York

I am over at Sue Vincent’s blog today with a post about the Roman Bath, York. What an amazing piece of history to visit. Do pop over and read about it and have a look around Sue’s lovely blog while you are there. If you are lucky, you will see a post from her dog, Ani …

The Roman Bath, York

In the city of York, beneath The Roman Bath Pub, are the remains of a caldarium, or steam bath, from the Roman city of Eboracum. This city was built by the 9th Legion Hispana in 71 AD and occupied by the Romans for nearly 350 years.

During our recent trip to York, we went to visit this fascinating historical site. The bath house complex was historically a favourite place for the Roman soldiers to socialise as well as a place to get clean. The complex was open from dawn to dusk and offered a health spa, food, drink and toilets with running water. There was also a gymnasium and it is speculated that there may have been a swimming pool. Various rooms offered different grades of heat from cold to very hot.

The caldarium was a hot and steamy room heated by a hypocaust or underfloor heating system using tunnels with hot air and heated by a furnace tended by slaves. We could see the remains of the pillars which supported the floor. In the caldarium, there would originally have been a plunge bath of hot water sunk into the floor.

The soldiers would have applied olive oil to their bodies to cleanse themselves and removed the excess using a tool called a strigil which was designed for removing dirt, perspiration and oil from the body.

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28 thoughts on “Guest author: Robbie Cheadle – The Roman Bath, York

      1. I do want to go, but I really want to visit Scotland. After Sue’s series of posts and your photos, I want to go now more than ever. I hit southern England, Wales and Ireland the one time is on the British Isles.

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  1. I’ve been watching a show called Mystic Britain – Just seeing the ruins where different folks lived long ago is fascinating. I do remember one show about Roman baths… but I would guess there was more than one location.

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      1. It could have been around there… Near a stone wall or some kind of border. It might have been a smaller bath area. I do remember the toilet section though… (the remains of it and the actual stream that was still running through the remains of it.)

        The Mystic Britain series is fun. The last show was about Britain’s Mummies!

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          1. The bath might have been near Hadrian’s wall…
            There’s some interesting ‘carvings’ on Hadrian’s wall… 😉
            One takes good luck symbols where ever they can I guess!

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