Guest author – Robbie Cheadle – Dick Turpin

I am over at Sue Vincent’s lovely blog with a post about Dick Turpin and how he ties in to my new supernatural novel, Through the Nethergate. Thank you, Sue, for having me over for a visit.

The myth of Dick Turpin

Fiction writer, Harrison Ainsworth, glamourised thief and highway man, Dick Turpin, in his 1834 novel, Rookwood. The novel is set in England in 1737 at a manor house called Rookwood Place and the plot revolves around the mysterious death of the owner, Piers Rookwood, and the subsequent rivalry for inheritance of the property between his two sons.

During the course of the story, Dick Turpin, a highway man, is introduced at the manor under the pseudonym Palmer. During his stay, Palmer makes a bet with one of the other house guests that he can capture Dick Turpin. He is eventually forced to escape upon his horse, Black Bess. The horse, although fast enough to stay ahead of all the other horses, eventually collapses and dies from the stress of the escape.

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26 thoughts on “Guest author – Robbie Cheadle – Dick Turpin

  1. Is it available in the states? I went looking on Amazon. But I couldn’t find it.
    I did see it in another currency. Looks like a book I would enjoy.

    If it isn’t on Amazon I don’t think my state side library would have it either…
    but if it is available on Amazon could you share that link, please.

    Sounds like a book not to read right before bed 😉

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