#SoCS – Couch

After a fourteen day whirlwind tour of York, the Lake District, Dumfries, Oban, Skye, Inverness, Edinburgh, Durham and Nottingham, we flew home last night and arrived home at 9am this morning.

All I wanted to do was lie down on the couch and catch up on the entire night’s sleep I had missed out on during the plane trip, but that was not to be. We arrived home with an entire suitcase of dirty laundry which I needed to get going. We also had to unpack our extra suitcase of gifts, sort them out and give my parents their share of the loot. Michael was determined that Granddad would not miss out on anything we had bought with him in mind, even though some of the goodies had been pack in our main suitcase which contained the clothes I had managed to wash and dry in the few days prior to our departure.

Finally, at 12pm, I managed to go in search of than elusive couch only to discover the Terence had already taken up residence with his six mobile phones and was deep into his on-line strategy games which somehow require all these phones. I can’t understand how he wasn’t shattered as he did all the driving and it was an eight hour drive from Edinburgh to Notthingham via Durham and then another four and a half hours from Notthingham to Heathrow in rush hour Friday traffic. That man is a real hardy Scot.

I gave up on the couch and crawled into my bed only to discover that my overtired mind would not switch off and sleep. The cure – listen to an Agatha Christie audio book. No insult to Ms Christie, but her books do relax me and I nodded off quite quickly. Of course, Michael came to find me and cuddled up disturbed me and then Greg wanted eye drops which I had to get up and search for, but I did get a short rest. Enough to help me through the long afternoon of tumble drying all that washing.


This post was written for Linda G. Hill’s Saturday stream of consciousness challenge. You can join in here: https://lindaghill.com/2019/08/30/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-august-31-19/


42 thoughts on “#SoCS – Couch

  1. Surely it must have been a whirlwind trip of so many places in fourteen days, Robbie. I could see the anticipation of getting the gifts, packing them to placing them to the hands of recipients and see the excitement from their eyes.

    Hope you can catch some sleep you badly needed.

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      1. That’s great you slept well last night, Robbie. When we join the tours (some active, leisure, or comfortable), without knowing, they were active tours. We only had time to take photos. I want to go back to some places.

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  2. Wow Roberta! That is incredible. You passed by me lol. You chose some wonderful places to go though. Nowonder you are tired! Hope you can get some goid sleep soon x

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  3. Glad you made it home safely. I feel for you I don’t sleep much on vacation. Glad Agatha let you get a short nap in! Hope you get lots of rest now. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and fun on Instagram:)

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    1. Hi Diana, travelling with Terence is exhausting as he always wants to see everything in a short time, but it is always awesome as we get to see so much. I am currently reading Mae Clair’s second Hode’s Hill novel which is quite creepy, but it didn’t stop me sleeping for 11 hours straight last night.

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  4. What a trip – I’ve enjoyed following all your pictures of lots of our favourite places – visited over years not in a fortnight! I’m sure you will all continue to relive the holiday as you look back at the pictures and hand out the gifts.

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      1. Oh! Really you think they would of put the tumble dryers in knowing people are on the move! Did you not stay long enough to hang the washing out .. now you will have the ironing too . Take care Robbie 💜 💜💜

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      1. Yikes! Well, it should be a fascinating place. I had a friend who immigrated from there when she was about 18. I hope you can relax more this time. Sightseeing is great, but there’s a lot to be said for spending dedicated time with one or two places. Safe journeys — and hugs.

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