#Bookreviews – A few shorts by Jan Sikes, D.L Finn and D.L. Cross

Voodoo or Destiny, you decide by Jan Sikes

How would you feel if your husband and the father of your children announced he was having an affair and wants a divorce? Might you vent your anger and humiliation by having a bit of fun with voodoo?

Claire Winters is in just this position when she gets together with her best friend, Jade, for an evening of serious drinking. Jade, whose grandmother comes from Haiti where voodoo is common, comes up with the bright idea of their making a voodoo doll to help Claire express her feelings. The two women have some fun dressing themselves up for the ceremony and going through the voodoo ritual Jade learned from her grandmother.

Claire and Jade come to realise that dabbing in the occult can have unexpected consequences. This is a fast paced and enjoyable story about a game gone wrong.

Red Eyes in the Darkness by D.L. Finn

Someone or something is stalking Cass and Will Henderson, something innately evil. It is not enough that “It”, the pronoun used by Cass to identify the hunter, who no longer appears to have any human properties, has manipulated the murder of a relative to make it look as if Cass and Will are guilty of murder, It is now after them too.

The circumstantial evidence, which is not enough for conviction, but is enough to raise great suspicion as to Cass and Will’s guilt, has torn their family apart with both their daughters turning their backs on their parents. This, together with the disdain of their friends and neighbours, has made Cass and Will’s life unbearable in the town they have lived in for many years. They are caught in a cycle of wanting to leave to escape it all, but not wanting to effectively confirm their guilt and let It win.

It is not prepared to wait and let them make the decision. It is coming after them with an intention of getting rid of them forever.

A fast pace story with an unusual twist at the end.

The Scout: Dark Crossings by D.L. Cross

This short story is part of a series but it can be read on a stand alone basis. The Scout is dispatched to a strange and forbidding planet by his superiors to spy on the movements of a group of aliens who have been sighted. The Scout is warned that he will have a limited ability to contact his own people and report back to them, but he is told to make every effort to do so and to keep them appraised of the activities of the aliens.

The Scout walks a lengthily distance from his drop off point in search of the aliens whom he eventually finds deep in a forest. They are busy building a fortress and make several trips to the river. The Scout initially thinks they are reconnaissance missions but, after managing to get close enough to watch them, he discovers they are trips to get water and wash clothing. During one of the aliens trips to the river he makes eye contact with Aria, a small and pretty alien who sense his presence. This is the beginning of a relationship which has unexpected and shocking consequences.

The Scout was a most entertaining short story and I would recommend it to people looking for a short and exciting science fiction read.

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