#Bookreview – Delilah a Frontier Romance by Kaye Lynne Booth

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What Amazon says

The exciting new Western action novel from Kaye Lynne Booth… This is “Delilah!”

An exciting new Western in the style of Robert J. Thomas, Ralph Cotton, and A.H. Holt filled with action, adventure and plot twists such as M. Allen, Robert Vaughan, and G.P. Hutchinson! This is one of THE Western adventures of 2017!

In 1882, Delilah, a tough and determined young woman, is released from prison after two years. Delilah and her sixteen-year-old friend, Sarah, head to San Luis to find out what’s left of her home. While on the trail, Sarah and Delilah get separated. Sarah is attacked and raped by two men, who take her captive. Delilah goes in search of Sarah, determined to save her and to make her captors pay. She trails them into the mining towns in the high country of the Colorado. Along the way, she has to battle wolves, bears and ruffians in pursuit of her friend. But it’s not all desperation; she also meets new and colorful characters, encounters Indians and learns to love again. Savor a sample of the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah.

My review

The blurb for this book attracted me because I found the idea of as strong female main character in a Western novel intriguing and unusual. The author’s depiction of Delilah did not disappoint me and I enjoyed how her character developed from that of an angry young woman, recently released after a two-year stint in prison for murdering her abusive step-father, to a woman capable of standing up for the underdog, acting in line with her own ethics and morals and entering into a relationship with a caring and interesting man.

Despite being her seemingly unjust jail term, Delilah has the good fortune to meet an older woman called Abby during her incarceration. Abbey is able to protect her from some of the worst possible eventualities in prison and also offers her a place to stay after her release. Abbey has hopes of a better life for her daughter, Sarah, so when Delilah decides to leave and return to her own ranch, Abbey convinces her to take Sarah with her.

Delilah’s return to her past life starts badly when she and Sarah are attacked and raped by two savage criminals while journeying to her previous home. Sarah is taken captive and Delilah is left for dead after the two men attempt to hang her. Delilah survives and sets off in search of Sarah in the hope that she can rescue her. She soon has the good luck to come across a family of Mormons who have become separated from their travel party and who are prepared to give her some much needed food and other aid. In return, she helps the father repair their wagon so that the family can continue their journey. They suggest that Delilah travels with them, which she does until fate strikes again and redirects Delilah’s life again.

This book provided some interesting insights into life among the different types of people trying to eke out an existence on the Western front from the Mormons, to criminals, miners and owners of bordellos. The reader is introduced to the Ute tribe of native Americans and learns a bit about their way of life and the conflict between the tribes and the white settlers.

Delilah: The Frontier Romance will interest readers of Westerns and also action packed adventures with a sprinkling of romance.

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