#Writephoto – Castle

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week is castles which fitted in nicely with parts of my forthcoming horror book, Through the Nethergate. This is an extract about a castle in …. Slovakia.

“A few hours later, the dark outline of an abandoned and ruined castle, shrouded in thick evening mist, came into view. It looked forbidding with thick foliage, stained black in the moonlight, surrounding the base of its broken walls. In the gloom, the dark grey moss patterning sections of the remaining light grey, stonework looked like splodges of blood and gore.  As the coach lurched to a halt on the thick grass in front of the castle, the spirits of the numerous girls who were murdered there started to gather. They stood silent and forlorn in the eerie light of the moon, which bathed their transparent forms with silvery light and created strange and mysterious shadows.

Lucifer rummaged under his seat and withdrew a thick coat.

“Take this, you’ll need it,” he said, handing it to Margaret. She took it gratefully and put it on straight away. The night air was piercingly cold. The party exited the coach and Lucifer marched towards the gathering, holding tightly onto Margaret’s wrist.

From a distance the ghosts looked like delicate waifs, but as the occupants of the coach ventured closer, Margaret could see the evil and twisted expressions on their darkly beautiful faces and splatters of blackness down the fronts of their thin white gowns. The moonlight itself seemed to quiver at the horrible sight and take refuge behind a mass of clouds.”


You can join in Sue’s challenge here: https://scvincent.com/2019/07/11/thursday-photo-prompt-castle-writephoto/

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