#Poetry – Dear God, I’d like to negotiate


Dear God

I’d like to negotiate

a reasonable exchange

My good health

for that of my son

I’ll take on his asthma

I know how it works

each breath is a struggle

through lips often tinged blue

I think my request’s fair

after all, it was you

who entrusted this child

into my tender care

and he came encumbered

with the duty of care

that accompanies health deficiencies

I’m willing to accept

his biofilm too

the one that developed

due to an enclosed sinus

I’m sure you remember

as it caused us such pain

and it wasn’t really fair

to do that to a child

but I’ll put it behind us

If you’ll consider my deal

As for his eyesight

damaged by cortizone

worsened by bad genes

I’d rather he had

my 20/20 vision

I want him to see

each leaf on each tree

and not to bear a burden of worry

he’ll loose what little he’s got

I’m his mother, you see

and I’ll willingly sacrifice

everything I have

for this lovely young man

I call my son.

by Roberta Eaton



50 thoughts on “#Poetry – Dear God, I’d like to negotiate

  1. So beautiful, we are all like this with our children. I would give all I have to make their lives , easier, better even now when the are grown men with children of their own.
    All three of the boys have asthma it does get better as the get older and it is much better dealt with these days.
    Just keep loving them Robbie it’s all you can do 💜💜


  2. God has a purpose for us all, especially the young. Your poem is heartbreaking, Robbie, but so beautifully written. An intimate letter to God. May he bless your son, and lessen his burdens. I’ll keep you both in my prayers, dear friend. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Dorinda. I get so tired of all the stress. Just when things are going well, illness strikes with renewed ferocity. I know you also have had problems with your daughter’s and your own health, so you understand. Hugs.

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  3. Beautiful, Robbie. I remember thinking, praying, saying the same thing to God about my daughter’s asthma. She had severe asthma from birth to about two years ago. She went through acupuncture and natural medicine and didn’t get any better. I don’t know what led her to stop dairy products. She hasn’t bad asthma attack for two years.

    Asthma is an individual thing. It doesn’t hurt to explore different things such as allergy or reduce stress.

    A friend who is a young Ph.D. from Oxford and a professor now. He has no immune system and is allergic to books for 10 years!!!! He had to put books in Ziploc bags to carry around, and to remodel the whole house to get rid of old stuff. He thought he was going to die. Someone told me that he went to a holistic healer in another state. He was told that he had negative thoughts and insecurity (for a Ph.D. professor?). He dealt with it while he was there. He came back to California feeling better. I hope he’ll continue to get better.

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    1. Wow, that is an amazing story, Miriam. I also hope he is better. We found mould behind a mirror in his bedroom and had to have our whole house fixed for damp as the mould was making Michael very sick. It is quite frightening. I am glad Mercy is doing better now. Long may it last.


      1. That’s what happened to Dr. David and Carl. They couldn’t come to Sunday school because of the mould. The church remodeled the classroom. Regular people can’t tell the difference, but their bodies can tell. I hope Michael will get better.

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  4. Oh, Robbie… So sadly beautiful. Thank you for sharing such deeply felt emotions. I’m certain that your prayers are heard… but my hope is that the Universe discovers a better solution for both of you to enjoy wellness.
    My light and hugs to you and your son.

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  5. I remember staying over in night in the hospital when my youngest had some surgery.
    Even for those who do not regularly request a divine audience – prayer becomes a powerful hope.

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  6. I think we’ve all had spiritual conversations like that. My asthma is much better than it was when I was younger, as is my daughter’s, and I hope for that future for your son. it’s a horrible feeling when you can’t breathe. (K)

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