What have I been doing?

I have been a little less active on my blog this weekend. The reason for this is that I am now proof reading Though the Nethergate. It is a bit more of an effort than I expected as a lot of the thoughts of my characters throughout the book are not in italics as they need to be. I expect it went wrong somehow in the copy and paste process. I am being meticulous in checking that I catch them all as part of my changes. It is a time consuming process and I have spent a good few hours doing it this weekend. I still have 150 pages to go over the next week.

As I go along, I have been creating a few new picture advertisements to help advertise this new book. Let me know what you think of these two:



42 thoughts on “What have I been doing?

    1. Thank you, Teagan. I am always interested to know how other people spend their time. I think most people spend less time working but I like writing and editing so I don’t view it that way. Thanks for expressing your opinion.


  1. I also like the overall look of the first image better than the second. And I second Darlene’s comment about “thick,” except I would just delete the first instance. And given that this is a dark story, I think I would delete “frothy” to minimize the alliteration in that sentence. (Sorry, Robbie, my inner editor popped out before I could restrain it). It’s exciting when a book is getting close to being published!

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  2. It’s always tough to beta overwritten works with abounding redundancy. The first is a glossy postcard that needs a visual thesaurus and the second illogical on its face. If she is standing (+immobile = redundant) how are the secrets gradually unfolding? Are her eyes getting used to the darkness? That “scene”, logically edited is 2 lines long. Standing, and the (descriptive) cellar’s siren song. Just my .02.

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  3. Can’t imagine how tough it must be to edit your own book!

    Prefer the artwork and layout of the first ad. The wording on both are enticing although I wouldn’t use the word ‘thick’ twice in the first one. Sorry you asked …

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  4. I also like both. I like the photo of the first with the words of the second.
    The first photo to me interesting because looking at it you don’t know if the person has gone up or is going down.
    But when you read the second set of words you know they are going down.
    I think the words in the first have a sort of disconnect with the photo – the tree image doesn’t quite fit the stair steps and door.

    (I too have been away and fear it may take a while to catch up…)

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      1. I’ve got another ‘learning get away’ this month. From there it is a guess how the rest of the summer will go. Maybe a short weekend away for an anniversary. Enjoy your holiday!

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