SoCS – Rhymes with posy

From the Diary of Dr Thompson

I have often wondered what would happen if there were a world-wide catastrophe. People have entirely different ways of reacting to events and, often, their reaction is completely different from what you expected from that particular person.

I remember when a friend of mine’s company was involved in a corporate scandal. He was a corporate financier, whose job involved debt restructuring and business turnarounds. You would have thought a guy like that would have reacted with quiet calm to a difficult situation like this. He was one of a number of purportedly top innovative people who worked for this firm. None of them reacted as I expected. I was surprised to watch how they ran around in meaningless circles, trying to get things done with no real plan or purpose to their actions. They did not have the creativity to think broadly and find innovative solutions to the crisis. This cycle of disastrous chaos and confusion went on for months before the company finally started to stabilize. It was miraculous, considering that lack of proper planning and cohesion among the leaders, that it ever pulled though at all. It completely undermined my confidence in the abilities of professional people like lawyers and accountants to deliver on any of their promises to their clients.

Lack of innovation is one of the main causes of this war mankind is now embroiled in. Prior to the introduction of advanced digitization, the World Government attempted to provide guidance to less developed countries to help them become more innovative, as this was known to be a key driver of Fourth Industrial Revolution readiness. The sub-governments of individual countries and their business leaders where encouraged to promote creativity by empowering employees and challenging them to create, challenge and experiment. Programmes were developed to up-skill workers and give them the abilities thought necessary to survive in a fully digitalised society.

A lack of understanding of cultures, including patriarchal and hierarchical societies, led to failure in this area and the ultimate inability for these economies to adapt efficient to changing parameters. The inequality gap increased, plunging numerous countries into poverty and resulting in the creation of the ghetto system where the poor were given accommodation and other basics to help them survive but dooming them to a life lacking any opportunities for change and future employment. The frustration and anger of the masses was underestimate, much to the detriment of the World Government which is now collapsing in the most spectacular way.

As I watch from my window, seeing the chaos and confusion of the devastated city and witnessing the tumultuous masses trying to flee, in any way they can, I know that only the innovative will survive the post apocalyptic world that awaits them. Without the daily guidance provided by their microchip implants, the rest will all die.


This little meander through the diary of Dr Thompson, was written for Linda G Hill’s weekly SoCS challenge. This week it is rhymes with rosy.

I asked my husband for a word that rhymed with rosy and he said cosy and posy. I asked my son, Gregory, and he said nosy. None of theses words inspired me to I looked on Rhyming Hippo and that had a few more interesting ideas, including through me and catastrophe. I chose catastrophe.

You can join in the challenge here:


21 thoughts on “SoCS – Rhymes with posy

  1. Au contraire, in my doggerel view the hippo has produced a catastrophe of a rhyme for ‘rosy’ because it doesn’t.
    There is still ‘dozy’ or ‘mosey’, or ‘ I would have tried ‘goes, he’ or ‘foe, see’, or other two-word variations.
    Never mind, the piece is a good one!

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    1. Thank you, Diana. I am doing research for a work publication on Fourth Industrial Revolution readiness in BRICS and African countries so this is rather in the forefront of my mind at the moment. I volunteered to write this publication because it interests me and the topic fits rather neatly with the sci-fi trilogy novel idea.

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  2. Catastrophe… a hard word to digest when one thinks things are going well. I have relatives who live on social media- and pretty much don’t deal with anyone who doesn’t. I get second hand accounts of some activities. But it isn’t a catastrophe for me to not know what is happening with them when they have blinders on for only themselves. Which gets a round about circle to big business… that seems oft to only care about bottom lines instead of what is actually a beneficial product. Take Big Pharm as an example – while I know money is needed for research it is not cool to charge over 200% for an injection or pill to ease someone’s health issue.

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    1. You are right, Jules, there are all sorts of catastrophe’s in life. Social, health, relationship, work and humanitarian. It has always intrigued me to watch how people deal with the catastrophe’s in their lives. I am a very controlled person so I think I deal with major problems reasonably well but I am also quite volatile and it is usually daft things that tip me over the edge. I know some people who can’t seem to deal with any issues, big or small.

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    1. He is one of the characters in my new sci fi trilogy. He built the computer system that digitalises the world and dies in the aftermath of the nuclear war that results. These are his diary entries on the build up to the war and why it occurs. So yeah, a mad scientist.

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  3. if the poor masses were given the basics for survival that seems more than most get now … wish it were true 🙂 Great writing as usual Robbie, always a different story and you never disappoint.

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