#Flashfiction – Sisu

From the diary of John Saunders

20 August 2035

I have been thinking about my situation. Now that my headache has receded, I need to formulate an escape plan. I must exhibit sisu and find a way out of this locked room.

I have no idea why I have been locked in, but I know that my wife and son must need me. Someone brought me food and drink while I was sleeping so my superiors are clearly monitoring my movements. I need to find a way to fool the microchip in my head into believing I am sleeping. Then, when someone comes, I can make my move.

A little bit extra:

In order to fool the microchip in his head that he is asleep, John will have to do the following:

Breathing, John will have to take long, even and gentle breaths;

Eyes, John will have to mimic rapid eye movement which occurs during the REM stage of sleep;

Snoring, John will have to mimic the gentle sounds he makes during sleep; and

Pulse, your pulse rate drops while you are sleeping. John, will have to meditate himself into a completely relaxed state to mimic this effect.

This post was written for Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch 99-word flash fiction challenge here: https://carrotranch.com/2019/05/02/may-2-flash-fiction-challenge/



34 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Sisu

  1. I’m assuming you are going to continue this for a while. It is very god so far! One quick comment – in Monochrome, at the center of the explosion, I think everyone will be vaporized and not have to worry about the blast wave 😉

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        1. I found this posts quick and easy to write, Miriam. For some reason, these ones came easily, that isn’t always the case. I like to take a short break during my work day and do something else for a bit [if I can, of course]

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          1. My husband used to run his office at home. When I was working, he helped to take Mercy to school when she was in elementary school. There’s an advantage to do some work from home.

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          2. I do appreciate people who work from home!! I wrote another post about him hanging a monkey with a belly button. When the button was pressed, the monkey would laugh. My husband pressed the button when he got bored.

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  2. I’m really enjoying this Bram Stoker-esque style of journal writing. You really take to it. I can feel the character’s tension. Interesting, all the points of faking sleep for a brain microchip!

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  3. Reminds me of a spy thriller where the main character put himself in such a trance that his captors thought he was dead. But he had a special watch where the button popped out and gently tapped his pulse point on his wrist to wake him… Can fiction be stranger than truth?

    I’m rooting for John!

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