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Those of you who follow this blog will know that I am one of ten authors who have each contributed short stories to a murder mystery anthology due to be released in early July. In advance of the publication of this book, I am running a series of posts to introduce you to some of the other contributing authors.

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This week I am introducing you to author Greg Alldredge. Welcome Greg to Roberta Writes.

Greg Alldredge

About Greg Alldredge and his contribution to Death Among Us

I will not bore the readers with the ancient history of past decades; I will simply say I am now retired. My wife and I just started working our way around the world on a small retirees pay, planning to take a full two years before we return to the United States.

We are in Vietnam for another few months before working our way south, with the eventual goal of New Zealand, before heading back over the equator.

I still write, completing about one book a month while on the road and researching for other projects along the way.

What drew you to writing short stories in the genre of murder mystery?

My stories are normally a mash-up of different genres with Sci-Fi and Fantasy being the normal starting point. I have written some mystery and adventure in each of my books and short stories, my goal has always been to tell an entertaining story no matter the genre or length I choose to write.

Who is your favourite murder mystery writer?

I tend to be old school when it comes to my mystery. Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie is my favorite. I would also need to throw in the Sci-Fi writers Dick and Adams.

What is your favourite murder mystery book or series of books and why?

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. If you want to find the face of pure evil reality gives us all the material we need.

What is the overarching theme of your three short stories in Death Among Us?

Artificial Intelligence is in the news every day. The day will come when something designed by a mortal becomes sentient. How that day comes, how both sides behave at the birth of a new kind of intelligence will have huge ramification for the future. I wanted to play with the idea and discover where it took me. The result was my submissions for the book. I hope you enjoy them.

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Greg Alldredge has written a large number of books which are all available on Amazon here: 

I have chosen to feature Lights in the Night: The OStinato Series Book One as I have this one on my TBR.

Lights in the Night: The Ostinato Series Book One

About Lights in the Night: The Ostinato Series Book One

Book One
The Ostinato Series.

Live life on the edge of sanity.

Trevor, an orphan at thirteen, bounced around the Far-east searching for something, trouble was he didn’t understand what. Wracked with insomnia and tired of traveling the world, he’d returned home to be more “normal” and took a job from his older brother, he failed at normal. When world events reignite his pursuit of the inexplicable to a sleepy West Texas town, his world took a turn to the bizarre and unimaginable.

Caught between fantasy and reality, Trevor must face his greatest fears and admit some things can’t be explained. Unseen forces drive him to his destiny. Will Trevor be able to discover what created the Lights in the Night and get the girl, or lose his grip on sanity?

Don’t miss Lights in the Night, the first of the Ostinato series by Greg Alldredge. If you like tales with quirky characters and a metaphysical search for hard to answer questions, then this Speculative Fiction will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!

A recent review for Lights in the Night: The Ostinato Series Book One

A five star review by a Verified Purchaser:

In this quirky romp, Trevor is drawn from London to a small town in Texas. The strange lights that initially caught his attention in a story, are just the beginning of the odd things, or people I should say, that he runs into. The cast really made this enjoyable, from the group that comes with Trevor, to the people in the town. Sergei cracked me up, and his tea…

The plot moved at a deliberate pace and concluded with a surprise. There was a fresh humor that on more than one occasion, had me laughing. The blending of genres will allow for this to be enjoyed by a nice spread of readers, there was even a dash of romance thrown in.

I see the next part will be releasing very soon, and look forward to it.

Purchase Lights in the Night: The Ostinato Series Book One

You can pre-order Death Among Us here:

19 thoughts on “Meet the author – Greg Alldredge

  1. Wow, Greg, this is interesting that you and your wife are taking two years to travel around the world. What an adventure.

    I agree with you that the Artificial Intelligence is in focus these days. The Wall Street journal had 4 pages featured that topic.

    Thank you, Robbie for the introduction of Greg.

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  2. It’s nice to meet Greg—and also mind boggling that he’s traveling around the world. Wow, talk about a bucket list item! It’s also mind boggling that he manages to write a book a month. Amazing!

    I look forward to reading Death Among Us when it’s released.

    Liked by 1 person

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