#Thursdaydoors – Darwin’s House, Kent

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We visited the UK during the boys August school holiday in 2018. We chose to make Kent our home base as I love the area and I can visit Canterbury Cathedral over and over again. I also really like the sweet shop in Canterbury.

One of the historical places of interest we visited during this particular visit was Charles Darwin’s house. Charles Darwin, in case you’ve forgotten, was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution. 

Below are some pictures of doors that I took while visiting this beautiful museum.

The ornate front door to Darwin’s house
The back door. You can see my reflection in the glass of the door as I took the picture.
This door is a bit obscured by the foliage, but I think the arches make good doors too.

57 thoughts on “#Thursdaydoors – Darwin’s House, Kent

  1. I live no more than 30 miles from here and have never been. As a child, I was sent even nearer to stay with my cousins during the summer break and again I never went. I thank you for a memory that should have been
    my own.

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    1. It really is, Mae. I must see if I have door photographs of Erasmus Darwin’s house in LItchfield. He was Charles’ grandfather and a highly intelligent man. He came up with the original theory of evolution and Charles expanded on it.

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    1. Did you know that Charles Darwin got his ideas on evolution from his grandfather. I learned that when we visited his grandfather’s house in Litchfield. Erasmus Darwin’s house. Even more interesting but less beautiful.


  2. Looks like quite the place to visit. I’m assuming you can tour the inside as well. If so I’m sure it would keep me amused and fascinated for the better part of an afternoon.
    You get extra points since you managed to squeeze a nice ‘doorfie’ (door selfie) into the post – bravo!

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    1. Hi Norm, thank you. The doorfie was planned at the time, even though I’m not that good a photographer. It was to good a shot to miss. The inside is fascinating and as with all UK tourist attractions, there are very knowledgeable guides to tell you all sorts of interesting things. I love touring in the uK.


  3. Lovely photos, Robbie. Despite being a Man of Kent I’ve never visited Darwin’s home, which looks like an oversight on my part. But I’ve often been to Canterbury, for the cricket and the cathedral – my stepmother was ordained there by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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      1. It’s certainly the most beautiful I’ve been in, and I’ve seen several of our other cathedrals. I doubt I’ll be going anywhere near Darwin’s house, sadly, but it was nice to see it through your eyes.

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  4. These are wonderful doors, Roberta. I understand having an area you can visit over and over. It’s nice to have a comfortable base from which to explore. It’s always good to see the photographer’s reflection in the door. Nicely done.

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      1. Since you sue those sweets and the resultant fondant creations in your books, perhaps you could write the purchases of the sweets off as a business expense, and maybe even the whole trip to Canterbury. 🙂
        Cathedrals often provide great photo opportunities…

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  5. Who knew Charles Darwin lived so luxuriously? Beautiful pictures Robbie and love the idea of Thursday doors. Just stumbled upon this post and am so glad I did. Thank you. It gives me apportunity to look through some old pictures to find some of doors.🙂

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      1. It is. It had me going through all the old photographs in search of doors. And though I don’t have any that really focuses on the door, I’m going to take part anyways as long as I have a door clear enough to see😀. Each door brought back memories.

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